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Thathwa techno solutions is one of the growing company in Coimbatore to provide efficient and cost effective Telecom solutions for small, medium and large enterprises in and around Coimbatore.
Providing an end to end solutions to the customer in the field of Telecom with integration of CRM is our Focus and we are working in that direction.
In order to meet the customer requirements we have partnered with Companies like TATA DoCoMo, *astTECS and KGiSL each one of the company are great companies in their specific field. By partnering with these companies we can ensure the customer a complete solution at a single window.


Telecom products analog based
Telecom products IP based
Telecom Services from TATA DoCoMo

Principles of our work


Our vision is to provide telecom solution which is efficient, cost effective and with future ready technology. Ensuring the customer with the latest telecommunication technology available in the market.


Our aim is to have strong presence in the region to provide best services to any organization by supplying latest & quality equipments available in the market within a time bound time schedule

Our specialization

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Marketing & PR

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Web design

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Our services

We provide Telecom solutions like EPABX (Intercom) for both Office and apartment, IP PBX (IP based intercom), Call center dialer, Interactive voice response system, Voice logger, Video conference solutions and accessories.  Along with this we provide Telecom services like Internet leased line, PRI connection, Data Cards, GSM connection and many more products from TATA DoCoMo

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Product and Solutions

Telecom equipments & solutions like IP PBX, Call center dialer, Office intercom, Appartment intercom, Video conference and many more

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Telecom accessories like Analog telephone, IP phone, FXS/FXO gateways, GSM gateway and Fixed cellular terminsals

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TATA DoCoMo products

3G GSM, Internet leased line, SMS gateway, PRI connection, Toll free number, Photor Data card MPLS and many more

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Our clients

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