• How many Land line you would like to connect to Intercom/EPABX?
  • How many numbers of Extensions are required?
  • Would you like to connect GSM SIM to the Intercom/EPABX
  • Are you looking for any IP extensions?
  • Are you looking for any Voice recording systems?
  • Do you need any Mobile extensions?
  • Will there be any expansions in the near future?
  • Do you have any other branch offices which are connected through VPN and would like to connect for telephone connections?
  • What is the Monthly Billing is expected?
  • Do you have huge call traffic in your office?
  • Are you looking for any Toll free number?
  • Whether cabling has been completed?
  • Is there any requirement of Auto attendant (Interactive Voice response system) to route the call to respective departments without routing to reception?
  • Whether all the land line connections are available?
  • Whether all the cabling has been done?
  • Whether proper earthing has been done?
  • Whether power supply is ready?
  • What is the incoming call routing is required in day time?
  • What is the incoming call routing is required in night time?
  • What is the day time and night time settings
  • Do you need any Welcome message or audio file for incoming call?
  • What are the extensions need outgoing call?
  • Do you have any voice file to be played during Call transfer?
  • Is there 24×7 online support?
  • What is the warranty period for hardware?
  • Is there any warranty cover in case of any burning/lightning cases?


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